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The temple of Shree Hatkeshver Mahadev(Lord Shiva) is situated in the village of Vadnagar in Gujarat. This temple is said to be around 1800 years old. It is said that the Linga of Shree Hatkeshver Mahadev goes till the bottom of the earth. Lord Hatkeshver is 'Ishta Dev' of the people of 'Nagar-Brahmin'caste of Hindu religion. The temple is a national heritage having artistic carvings in-side and out-side the temple. (Pictures of the temple and carvings is available in the 'Art Gallery'. To learn more about the history of the temple, please click here.

Temple of "Shree Hatkeshver Mahadev"

Linga of "Shree Hatkeshver Mahadev"

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